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Water Tanks

Burlington Watertank (six carriers)

Burlington, MA

Coordinating with six carriers, Timberline constructed a new 32’ x 40’ building to house telecommunications equipment for AT&T, Sprint, Nextel, Cingular, T-Mobile and Verizon. The scope of work included complete tank staging, vertical compression bands and installation of all carrier antenna, cables and equipment, along with the construction phase.

Canton Water Tank

Canton, MA

The project included the install AT&T LTE site at a different, mid way up elevation, the existing UMTS site was set at the top of the Tank.  The job required coordination with the town Engineer, Water Department, environmental remediation of suspected lead paint and independent inspection company, to weld 70 brackets to carry the cable tray up and around the Tanks as well; as 12 Standoffs fully welded to the tanks for the antenna masts and radio head masts two per sector. An underground 90’ long trench was also installed to carry the fiber optic and DC lines back to the shelter which was in the basement of the adjacent building. The tank was inspected before and after the welding was completed to ensure the exterior and interior integrity of the tank was not affected.

Bourne Water Tank

Bourne, MA

  • Nextel: Timberline installed: 12 antennas and 12 lines of 1 5/8” coax of about 250', using custom paint to match all antenna; with stud weld tank for antenna mount.  A 50klb shelter was set and a custom doghouse was fabricated for cables. A  200’ power and telco was fed to the site from utility pole 400’ away.
  • T-Mobile: The team installed: six antennas with six lines of 1 5/8” coax approximately 250’ using custom paint match for all antennas; stud weld tank for antenna mount; and fabricated custom doghouse for cables. The concrete equipment pad was poured and equipment was set; additionally 200’ of power and telco was fed to the site from utility pole 400’ away.

Barnstable Water Tank

Barnstable, MA

Timberline relocated an entire AT&T site from a water tank and installed a new site around it. The original scope of work involved installation of LTE technology, but the town requested AT&T move outside of the fenced in compound. Our team worked with the town engineers to relocate all the equipment to new mounts/cable tray and equipment location outside the tank compound. All work took place while the existing site was up and running. New backhaul locations and power demarcations had to be established. We minimized down time by prepping the power and telephone in advance, enabling us to have a single day outage to relocate all the base station equipment to the new location. Once the swap occurred we removed all of the old cable tray, mounts and equipment pads to restore the tank compound site.

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