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Roof Tops

Boston Center for the Arts

Boston, MA

Timberline installed a full six-sector Metro site on a roof top; the equipment pad was set at  street level in a back alley with a new concrete pad and fence enclosure. The site spanned two different buildings and multiple antenna heights. A 60’ Telco  run to Demarcation point in one building, while a 75’ power and grounding run with sub meter and disconnect tied to a different existing building panel. The RF Cable run was a 50' vertical rise, two lines ran to six different sectors and ranged in lengths from 85’ to 270’ over the roof of the two buildings. Antennas were faced mounted and painted to match the existing exterior of the building at the direction of the BRA.

AT&T LTE Upgrade, Seaver Street

Seaver Street, Dorchester, MA

Working with SAI Communications, Timberline completed a LTE upgrade for AT&T; the BRA of Boston would only approve the upgrade if the entire existing and new portion of the site was reconfigured and put inside a stealth enclosure. The team coordinated with the stealth company, Boston Police detail for street lane closure, and Crane company to lift steel frame to roof. The site had to be shut down to be moved out of the way for the new steel sub-frame installation and then shut down again once it was all installed on the new frame and old mounts removed from the roof with another crane. A building specified roofer was used to close in roof penetrations for steel frame during install.

Multiple Carrier Roof Top Equipment Relocation

519 Albany Street, Boston, MA

During renovations of the building, Timberline relocated all power and ground wire for all wireless carriers from outside of the building to a new shaft  within the building. Clients for this project included Sprint/Nextel, AT&T, and T-Mobile. In addition to equipment relocation, Timberline built a new 10x30 shelter within the building for Sprint/Nextel and relocated their lines and equipment from an existing exterior monopole to a new room located inside the building. A custom made dog house was also constructed to accommodate 32 runs of coax cable from the roof. TCC also ran new coax cable for AT&T to the newly constructed shaft inside the building. All work for this project was coordinated and built using union labor.

The Davis Companies

Rustcraft Road, Dedham, MA

To make way for a tenant fit-out for General Dynamics, the building owner, The Davis Company, hired Timberline Construction to dismantle an existing T-Mobile site and clock tower in the space and relocate it to another part of the building. The schedule for the tenant fit-out required that the site be dismantled quickly, before the new tower could be constructed. To accommodate the schedule, Timberline built a temporary tower (COW) to maintain call traffic, then demolished the old site and returned equipment to T-Mobile. Timberline then began construction on the new tower, which involved installing the foundation, erecting the steel and preparing the tower for operation.

Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center

Boston, MA

Timberline built a new 10x20 shelter on the rooftop of the Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center directly above one of Fidelity's sound studios. Our team installed 12 new coax cable runs to three different sectors with over 1500 feet of cable tray. Some runs were up to 780 feet from the shelter over multiple roofs to the outer limits of the building. All work for this project was coordinated and built using union labor. At the time it was one of the biggest build-outs of a rooftop in the Boston area.

Recent News

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High Profile

Cambridge, MA – Timberline Construction has completed an office expansion project for Sage Therapeutics.